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About the Genuine Community

Have you longed to be seen as exactly who you are? Have you struggled to celebrate the creative gifts you have to offer? 

Perhaps you have already tapped into inner self-awareness and know who you are, but you have struggled with creatively expressing what sparks you. 

Welcome. Here at Genuine, you will be supported, encouraged, recognized and celebrated. Here at Genuine, your spark will ignite, and society will bloom.

Our community model is built on treating each other with the same values that we would emulate to the world. We respect each other and we work together knowing that harnessing the power of our collective creativity is the best way to impact the world.

You'll find our community filled with inspiring people who have amazing stories of impacting their corner of the world. Come and share with us. By surrounding yourself with others who think like you and honor their deeper calling in the world, your passion, vision and impact will grow beyond what you can imagine. 

Together, we will embark on a contemplative journey of creativity and release, learning together how to share our sparks and ignite ripples of benefit in the wider world.

Why You Should Join Us

Perhaps you are already sparking, but you have lacked the resources to fully thrive. Here at Genuine, you will find not only tools and opportunities for learning, but you will find a community focused on these same values.

It's all here waiting for you. Real people living ordinary lives, but answering their inner call to do spectacular things and have profound impact.

Join us and spark your genuine life.

Get Involved

Joining the Genuine Network Gives You:

  • Direct engagement with a movement of cultural transformation - bring your voice in and share it with others through our online communication platform.

  • Participation with our diverse, international community - a gathering of humans focused on being genuine - together let’s ignite our innate creativity and impact our larger society.

  • Training and inspiration for the daring journey of genuine leadership - when we empower ourselves, we empower everyone around us.

About the Founder, Sarah Lipton

Sarah Lipton is an innovative leadership expert who works globally to guide communities, organizations and individuals to ignite their inner spark from a platform of genuine presence. Sarah is rooted in over twenty years of service, training and teaching, and has worked with hundreds of leaders as they navigate the challenges of leading others. 

Through her business, The Presence Point, Sarah works with organizations who wish to empower their leaders from the inside-out. Through Genuine, a nonprofit organization founded by Sarah, she has created an online community to champion culture change and serve as a catalyst for awakening sustainable change in our cultures by acting as a guide for how to lead, act, create, and innovate from a foundation of genuine presence. 

Sarah is a keynote speaker, podcaster and soon-to-be-published author and lives high on a hill in East Calais, Vermont with her husband, two young daughters and a huge garden.

About Genuine, Inc

Igniting Wakeful Culture: Genuine champions culture change by serving as a catalyst for awakening sustainable cultural transformation. We do this by providing resources to creatively guide innovators and impactful leaders as they develop a foundation of genuine presence.

Incubating Social Transformation: As a subscription-based membership-driven nonprofit with an international network, Genuine is dedicated to becoming the go-to resource for social transformation. We will accomplish this by providing an online community that offers consecutive phases of training at its core.

Genuine’s clients (communities, organizations, or individuals) are supported by a rich resource network and guided by strategic partners who provide the resources necessary to realize the desired culture change our clients long to create. Clients are trained to connect with their innate purpose, access their creativity, and plan transformative action. Genuine’s clients further benefit as the community provides a shared tapestry of content, connection and dialogue.

Genuine is poised to serve organizations and communities in their development of their leaders and culture, as well as groups of individuals who are longing for transformation. Genuine serves as a champion of those invested in cultural change, whether they have access to the resources to participate or not. Examples of clients well-served by Genuine include companies committed to a triple bottom line, universities developing leaders through curriculum offered on-line or on-campus, foundations investing in transformational leadership, nonprofits delivering content and/or resources to others, and underserved populations based on determining factors.

Genuine’s legacy of impact through a train-the-trainer program will continue to benefit our wider society for generations to come as community members and clients unleash their innate influence and innovation to lead social transformation all around them.

A Big Thanks

With your support, we are able to create an incredibly rich community. This is an offering of love. So thank you. Thank you for showing up and being who you are.

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