Welcome to Genuine

Welcome to Genuine

Be • Spark • Ignite


Welcome to Genuine

Transforming Society through Genuine Community

Are you a currently navigating a life transition? 

Have you longed to be seen as exactly who you are? 

Have you felt disempowered in your life and career? 

Have you struggled to celebrate the creative gifts you have to offer? 

As you ask "Now What"at this pivot point, are you ready to stop holding back and move towards what you've always longed for?

If you answered yes, read on. 

Welcome, friend. Here at Genuine, you will be supported, encouraged, recognized and celebrated. Here at Genuine, your spark will ignite, and society will bloom.

You'll find our community filled with inspiring people who have potent stories about how they struggle with impacting their corner of the world. Come and share with us. By surrounding yourself with others who think like you and honor their deeper calling in the world, your passion, vision and impact will grow beyond what you can imagine. 

Together, we will embark on a contemplative journey of creativity and release, learning together how to share our sparks and ignite ripples of benefit in the wider world.

Meet some of our amazing members!


“I am so excited to be part of the Genuine Community! This is just what I need as I navigate the demands of career and family while trying to stay grounded and true to myself.”


“Genuine is a fantastic community. The nuggets of inspiration help me “tune in” and be more thoughtful, creative, and present. I am building meaningful connections that are supportive, inspiring, and genuine!”

Perhaps you are already sparking, but you have lacked the resources to fully thrive. Here at Genuine, you will find not only tools and opportunities for learning, but you will find a community focused on these same values.

It's all here waiting for you. Real people living ordinary lives, but answering their inner call to do spectacular things and have profound impact.

Join us and spark your genuine life.

Get Involved

Joining the Genuine Network provides:

The support to move through a transition with confidence, clarity and the resources you need to drive your transformation

Deep training that will enable you to settle into your innate presence, connect to who you are, uncover your hidden gems and harness the resources needed to make those changes you want to see happen.

You will be challenged to show up and be genuine, learn how to truly see and be seen in a community setting, and then be supported in rippling out these principles of presence and genuineness into your world, thereby impacting society.

Meet founder, Sarah Lipton


"It may not look like it, but I am a woman who has experienced disempowerment. I am tired of holding back. I am ready to show up in the world and be who I am. Who I am is a beacon. I shine light so that you can see who you are."

As an innovative leadership expert, Sarah Lipton works globally to guide communities, organizations and individuals to ignite their inner spark from a platform of genuine presence. Rooted in over twenty years of service, training and teaching in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, Sarah has worked with thousands of leaders as they navigate the challenges of leading others. 

Sarah created Genuine because every fiber of her being needed her to do so. She lives high on a hill in rural Vermont with her husband, two young daughters and a huge garden.

A Big Thanks

When you engage, we are able to create an incredibly rich community. This is an offering of love. So, thank you. Thank you for showing up and being who you are.

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